Software Developer

I derive deep personal satisfaction from writing clean code, code that expresses intent in the clearest, simplest way possible and points toward its potential rather than obfuscating its design.


Programming Languages: Ruby, Javascript, Coffeescript, SQL, Java, C#,  C/C++, VXML Databases: Postgres, MySQL, SQL Server, Ruby ActiveRecord, Hibernate Operating Systems: Unix/Linux, Microsoft Windows XP & Vista Development Tools: VIM/Tmux, git, cvs, svn, Jetbrains tools, Eclipse, svn Web Technologies: React.js (Flux, Redux, Relay, etc..), Ruby on Rails, Backbone, Java/Spring/Velocity, RESTful Webservices Others: Jasmine, JUnit, JMock, TestUnit, Mocha, Fitness, Ant, RSpec


Senior Software Consultant – Stride Consulting June 2014 - Present

Full-stack web development for a wide variety of clients and applications. Led company adoption of React.js and cutting edge javascript technologies. Mentored junior developers and collaborated on company diversity policies.

Senior Software Developer – Fort Hill Company  Sep 2010 – June 2014

Agile web application development for a suite of learning development tools aimed at training professionals. Primary development focus on rich client web interface using J-Query and Ruby on Rails. Application development exclusively in a test-driven, continuous integration environment with regular small releases. Developed new single-page Backbone application supported by Rails 3 API service layer. Extensive experience with the entire product lifecycle and development practices.

Software Engineer - Cyrus Innovation  Sep 2009 – Sep 1010

Agile consultant and software developer for enterprise level query management software. The system provides in-house document analysis for intelligence agencies with specialized secure searching needs. Designed and coded rich user interface for webapps built on Ruby on Rails, Prototype, J-query, et. al. The application was developed utilizing thorough test-driven development practices, continuous integration via SVN and Cruise Control, and regular refactoring.

Software Engineer - Voxware Inc. Sep 2008 - Dec 2008

Developed a distributed, data-driven web application (J2EE) for a voice-based, warehouse management system. Utilized VoiceXML to process interactive dialogs from remote employee headsets and track task and inventory information. Created new workflow units to expand system functionality, as well as interfaces to control these workflow units through a desktop editor.

Software Engineer - TX2 Systems Inc. Feb 2008 - Sep 2009

Intermittent contracting position performing development and maintenance of a workflow application for managing mergers and acquisitions. Responsibilities included customer facing requirements gathering as well as technical customization of client implementations. The application was nominally done in the ASP.NET framework for business reasons, but in actuality it was a complete rewrite of the request response cycle in the spirit of Java/Spring/Velocity. It also extended Spring style configuration to include dynamic generation of controllers and templates tailored to the specific business needs of the client.

Software Engineer - Carfax Inc. Nov 2006 - Dec 2007 Massive migration of an existing application from ColdFusion to Java/Struts. Process also included pulling business logic out of Oracle stored procedures into object-oriented Java. All code was done test-first, utilizing JUnit, JMock and Fitnesse. Developed an automated window sticker service for dealers utilizing XSL and Java Web Services architecture. Replaced existing credit card processing, comprised of ColdFusion page logic and Oracle stored procs, with secure Java based code. Designed and developed a path tracking system for marketing that monitored user purchase responses. This allowed new themes and sales approaches to be tested side-by-side with existing pages and compared for effectiveness.

Developer - Ternary Software May 2005 - Nov 2006 Worked on a wide range of consulting development projects. Agile development and business practices including direct participation with customers in determining and prioritizing requirements. All work was done in the test first XP methodology with quick iterations and rapid feedback. Projects included: An audio file tracking system for clinical trials allowing subscribing doctors to upload and tag recordings with meta information pertinent to specific trial treatments. This was done in Java utilizing the Spring MVC framework and Velocity templates. Also worked on a rebate tracking system for corporate franchise. The system provided optimized data and access to state and local incentive plans for efficient and ‘green’ utilities and appliances. Application was developed test first in C# using the NMock testing tools and SQLServer backend. Particular challenging was the requirement to utilize an existing legacy database.

Sheet Metal Worker - Kansas City Local #2 May 1995 - May 2005

Worked as a sheet metal Mechanic designing and building HVAC systems and other industrial work. Worked as a Shop Foreman providing principle layout services, design and spec fabrication and equipment and inventory management. Specialized in adapter curbs for industrial rooftop HVAC systems. These facilitated new equipment to be retrofitted onto existing systems. 


University of Kansas Major: Engineering Physics Completed Credits: 34

1989 - 1991

Johnson County Community College Major: Computer Science Completed Credits: 12

2003 - 2004